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Best Sneakers For Arches To Ease Discomfort
Meet Zekear  COMFORTABLE HIGH TOP ORTHOPEDIC SHOES FOR WOMEN . The unique design provides perfect fit and gives you stylish look on any occasion. Made of breathable, high-quality PU, you can enjoy the real feeling of "walking on cloud". Durable and soft upper can withstand years of wearing. These shoes are designed to outlast many summers to come with their high-quality composition. You can keep your feet cool and dry all day with the antibacterial shield.

Zekear orthotic shoes mold to your foot, taking the exact shape and providing amazing support. The main function of the arch of the foot is to disperse gravity from the ankle joint through the talus to the small head of the metatarsal bone, and then to the calcaneus to ensure the stability of the plantar support when standing upright. Memory soles, highly adaptive, able to move with your feet as you walk and absorb a lot of shocks. Shock absorption and arch support padding helps to relieve common causes of heel pain and knee pain, related to over-pronation and flat feet.

By reducing the load on your joints, you can stand without pain. Ideal for everyone who is on their feet for more than 8 hours.

Lightweight ergonomic soles and shock absorption design make you walk more steadily & stand for hours, with less strain or imbalance. Designed to offer the perfect balance of pressure from your feet to your hips. Whether you suffer from arthritis, bunions, fasciitis, swollen feet or knee pains you will feel all day comfort.

These Walking shoes  for women offer a roomy and generous fit that is sure to match your foot and style; Grips in the foot beds prevent slipping while walking.

These women's shoes  are incredibly lightweight, water-friendly and buoyant; The foam offers an Comfort that is perfect for relaxing at the beach or flippin' around town.

Therapeutic orthotics or orthopedic shoes can influence the health of your entire body. Unfortunately, many people suffer from some sort of foot problem and have no idea that it may be causing other impairments. From over-pronation to flat feet and back pain, there are numerous ailments that can be alleviated with the daily use of our  ZWKEAR™ leather shoes.

Ultra light, Ultra soft 

Soft material, Comfortable &  Beautiful finish

Pain starts from your feet and ends at damaging your overall posture and joints.

Designed in UK, with Orthopedic toe corrector and  big toe straighteners effect

If you think ZWKEAR™  are just for flat feet, think again. There are numerous foot ailments that can be treated with these inserts and shoes, including:
  • Hammertoe: Causes painful toe problems in the middle joint of the toe, forcing it to bend downward.
  • Flat feet: A common condition that causes the sole of the foot to come into complete contact with the ground.
  • Plantar fasciitis: A condition that results in heel pain caused by the flat band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes.
  • Metatarsalgia: Affects the ball of the foot and common in women that wear tight shoes or heels frequently.

Designed in Uk, Made in Turkey. Fix Your Foot Posture! Easily when you walking

Orthopedic insoles for more comfort

ZWKEAR™ is special ortho shoe that helps support your foot at the arch and reduces strain on certain areas of the foot. 

high top sneakers, high top shoes, orthopedic shoes

ZWKEAR™ are  while allowing cooler air from outside to enter. This prevents sweat from accumulating inside the shoe, which can lead to fungal or bacterial infections of the foot.

Just some benefits of wearing our stylish orthopedic shoes ZWKEAR™: 
  • Restoring your ability to run, walk or even jump by reducing the pain and swelling associated with your foot problem.
  • Providing you with better support around the arch of your foot.
  • Increasing the stability of unstable joints in the foot and ankle.
  • Easing problems in other areas of the body – including back and hips.
  • Improving the overall health of your ankle and foot.
  • Supporting your body more efficiently, which helps align your body.
  • Preventing certain foot deformities.

    ZWKEAR™ is more than regular Medical Orthopedic shoes. is a stylish orthopedic Moccasins for dress, jeans and all outfits stylesMade 100% from genuine leather. 

    high top sneakers, high top shoes, orthopedic shoes

    High-quality made

    Made of high quality carefully chosen materials will provide a gentle touch to your fit and a quality feel. Thanks to a high standard production process, neat, meticulous, and firm stitches, we want to make sure every product has the best quality with tight stitching and has the finest look.

    Product Description

    • Gender:Woman
    • Color:Black/Red/Blue/Yellow/White
    • Upper Material:PU
    • Sole Material:Rubber
    • Feature: Breathable, Anti-slip outsole
    • Heel Type:Low Heel
    • Season: Spring, Summer and Autumn
    • Occasions:Casual, Traveling, Vacation, Party, Everyday, Dates, Movies, Shopping, Holiday, Daily

    Size Chart:

    Tag Size US/CAN UK EU Feet Length
    Inches Cm
    36 5.5 3 36 9.06 23.0
    37 6 3.5
    37 9.25 23.5
    38 6.5-7 4-4.5 37.5-38 9.45 24.0
    39 7.5 5 38 9.65 24.5
    40 8-8.5
    5.5-6 38.5-39
    9.84 25.0
    41 9 6.5 40 10.04 25.5
    42 9.5-10
    41-42 10.20 26.0
    43 10.5 8 43 10.36 26.5

    1.Please select a suitable size base on your foot length;
    2.Once you know your foot length, consult the Size Chart to determine which size you should purchase. Some tags' UK/US size number may be different from our size chart's UK/US size number, please take our size chart as the standard reference.
    3.Our shoes are regular size, but the Zekear shoe is suitable for normal, wide, and even narrow feet because of the special flexible and stretchy upper material that is shaped to fit your feet. If you are unsure about the toe protection, order one size larger so that you have enough room.